Company Details

Velo Services Pvt. Ltd. Is a company headquartered in Chennai, India. The organization has successfully developed a network of 250+ service centres with more than 1000 trained service personnel ready to serve your customers. This can be scaled up when required.


To add value to our customers and ensure minimum disruption to their consumer’s lives for the products they trust us with.


To be India’s number 1 consumer service chain.


Our values dictate our conduct and also drives our strategy.

  1. We are customer centric: “Customers first” is the core part of our thinking process and how we do things.
  2. Agility in our work: We understand how disruptions are a major hindrance in the life of our customers and consumers. We are extremely focused on improving our speed by cutting wastage in all our work processes.
  3. Commit and deliver: In the business we are in, we wish to be seen as a reliable partner in all your endeavours. Every member of our team commits what they can deliver and deliver what they commit.
  4. Integrity and Transparency: Trust is a strong brand builder and as a partner to some of the most trusted brands, we understand the responsibility. This value is critical to our existence.