Customer Care centre operations

This is the core part of our existence at Velo. Our customer care operations hinge on 4 pillars. We call this the 4 As of the

  1. Accessibility of our centres via all mediums
  2. Availability of all required skillset, tools and spares
  3. Accuracy of diagnosis and corrective action
  4. Adherence to the action plan and resolution

All our operations are structured to be fulfilling the commitment on these 4 parameters. We ensure our accessibility via contact centre, email, location based calling and service centres. We ensure our service centres are accessible in their locations and consumers do not have a challenge accessing them.

Our disproportionate focus on availability of skillset, tools and spares is probably what sets aside compared to the others. We use scientific techniques for the planning of the spare parts and ensure adequacy without compromising the viability thus forging a partnership which is hassle free and easy to manage.

With the right skillset and tools  we are confident that our diagnosis is accurate. We also put in place a back checking process to ensure delivery is as per standards.

Our action plan is well detailed and shared with the customer. We ensure adherence to this action plan while delivering the service that we have committed.

The 4As process ensures we deliver care of top quality at all our centres.

We would love to understand your business needs to develop and implement solutions suited to you. To understand more about our offerings, please do contact us.