Our Team

Velo is a team built with a commitment to providing great experience to your consumers and being a reliable partner in all your plans and growth.

The Velo team is led by 2 visionary leaders who have translate their years of experience and learnings into the vision, values and operational principles for the organization.

Sudheer Srinivasan

Sudheer Sreenivasan, Director

After having worked for nearly 35 years in world class organizations like Philips electronics, Mr. Sudheer intends to bring the learnings from the best practises that he developed and implemented in these organizations to Velo.

Sudheer in his leadership role had always been ahead of the curve in planning and creating infrastructure to support the growth goals of the organization. His visionary outlook helped invest in skill sets which while seemingly irrelevant at that point of time seemed to provide a differentiation and advantage in the future.

His commercial acumen in combination with the technical expertise is a unique aspect that proved to be a very useful asset to all the organizations he has worked for.

He envisions to be a partner in all your efforts where he would leverage his expertise to provide not only operational partnership but also participate in your efforts that would include but not be limited to

  • Overall Service Management
  • Service Franchisee operations
  • Technical Training & Support infrastructure
  • Training systems for Technical, Product and soft-skills
  • Spare-parts Management
  • Product Quality Management
  • Product Development processes
  • Call centre operations
  • M&A processes

Krishna N.S., Director

Mr. Krishna with his combination of experience across many large sized enterprises and leading entrepreneurial ventures adds the right reliability to the leadership team of Velo. His ability to take learnings across industries from consumer electronics to pharmaceutical giants demonstrates his understanding of issues at first principle level and translating the gained expertise into solutions.

His sound financial management has proven to be very essential in the sustainability of the entrepreneurial ventures which have gone on to build a strong base and foundation for the growth. Such a reliable partner that you seek can be only realized with this acumen that you would rarely find in many service organizations.

He ensures a databased view to all the operational aspects of the business and also in the decision making process. You would rarely have a challenge in using the right metrics on any aspect of the partnership.

His attention to detail and his acumen to unearth insights from a huge hoard of data is commendable and proved to be the reason for his success and all his accomplishments. He intends to use this unique gift in strengthening the partner organizations that Velo would associate with.

Mr. Krishna believes that the world around us offers a lot to learn from and to ensure we do not miss out on such learning opportunities, he often travel across the world and is always keen to pick up trends and insights that he could bring to Velo.

He is also the guiding light for the organization and ensure the values are not just words but something that every member of Velo lives up to.

Ravindra Kumar S, Director

Mr Ravindra has 27 years of experience across service organizations, his last assignment being the Director of a multi-national company heading the consumer care of Consumer Electronic products. He proudly logged 15 years of service in the Indian Air Force, handling electronic navigation aids.

He is a true leader and a passionate team worker with an exceptional strength in setting up franchised service network, service management process and building a motivated team to deliver best customer satisfaction.